Michael Oswald

Michael Oswald (MAppFin) is a Financial Markets Specialist, AML Compliance specialist, Strategic Risk Manager, Business Strategist, and a Serial entrepreneur. He is Chairman of Diamond Circle.

Mike Oswald

Michael is a treasury and financial markets veteran with over 30 years of financial innovation and business management experience. Michael was the CEO of an Australian regulated payments corporation, delivering payments, treasury and technology shared services to the non-bank finance sector.

Michael’s primary area of expertise lies at the intersection of payments technology, AML compliance and business with a focus on strategic risk management leadership. A supporter of technology evolution in the global payments environment, and treasury risk management sector, he is committed to building sustainable business opportunities in the global payments sector.

Michael was a founding director, and later Chairman of Rainforest Rescue Ltd. He is a partner in Enovasia, and a principal at Calcorp Capital.

Michael’s current interests include:

• Digital Currencies

• Technology Innovation in Asia/ Pacific

• Money Transmission

• Big Data

Shaping Crypto Evolution