Lee Banfield

Lee writes at Weekly Global Research to explore opportunities in business, investing, and cryptocurrencies. He is also the owner of Finance Business English which specializes in helping international clients improve their English for Finance, Economics & Bitcoin.

Lee Banfield

Lee Banfield is from England, but has been based mostly in Asia since 2006.

His background is in finance and economics. As a volunteer, he is particularly interested in counter-economics and projects that aim to bring us a freer, more peaceful world.

Lee is the founder of Weekly Global Research, a report that delivers concise and actionable weekly tips on the best businesses, investments, and opportunities.

Weekly Global Research challenges the claim that “death and taxes are the only sure things in life” by exploring if Bitcoin and exponential technologies can propel us to the Singularity in our lifetimes.

Lee is also the owner of Finance Business English, a service which helps finance professionals, university students, & entrepreneurs improve their English.

Finance Business English is proud to be the world’s first Business English site to accept Bitcoin.

You can add Lee on LinkedIn and follow his Twitter feed.

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