Jason Curby

Jason Curby is Founder at NobleCoin.

Jason Curby

NobleCoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency similar to Bitcoin and was released in 2014 by crypto-enthusiast “Rofo” and the NobleCoin Team. NobleCoin uses cryptography to control and secure the creation and transfer of wealth, and allows its users to make private and secure transactions globally in less than 30 seconds.

Released just 23 hours before the infamous Coinye, NobleCoin reached a net hash-rate of 1,190,340,819 h/s and a market cap of approximately $1 million two weeks later. NobleCoin and its associated NOBLE Movement recently got on board with The Water Project to begin to raise awareness of the emerging benefits of cryptocurrency for the common good, philanthropy and international development.

Jason was previously Marketing & Communications Manager at Perimeter Security Industries.

Jason earned his BA in Media & Multimedia Development at University of Canberra in 2005.

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