Frankie Bishop

Frankie Bishop is a Crypto Currency expert consultant. 

Frankie Bishop

He is also Owner of Asia Products—Thailand Exports.

Frankie is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and is now residing in Northern Thailand. He is a long time user of PCs — the first system he owned was an Atari 800 with 640K of RAM, which was connected to an Okidata dot-matrix printer. The first system he ever used was a Radio Shack TRS-80 in the school’s computer lab.

Over the years he has used various systems from DOS, classic Mac OS, Mac OS X, and now only uses Open-Source systems and applications. A strong believer in the empowerment capabilities of computers and self-sufficiency, the support of BitCoin, p2p technology and its potential has come as a natural progression at this stage.

Frankie earned his AS in Business & Industrial Management and Electronics at Solano College in 1986.

Frankie servie on the New Money Systems Board at the Lifeboat Foundation.

Read Bitcoin is NOT illegal in Thailand. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.

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