Advisory Board Asia Pacific

Blockchain Investor Inc. (Asia) is under establishment with the following Board of Directors nominated and Advisory Board member in place:

Blockchain Investor Inc. (Asia) upcoming general meeting will formally elect a board of directors.  However, we are beginning to nominate the candidates:

Blockchain Investor Inc. (Asia) Board of Directors under establishment:

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Asia Pacific Advisory Board is under establishment, the following candidates have agreed to serve:
Yudhajit Nag Sen is Co-Founder & CTO at LivQuik.
Nick Co is Digital Currency Analyst at
Nilam Doctor is Managing Director of In Bitcoin We Trust.
Sandro Hogan is founding partner at
Jason Curby is Founder at NobleCoin.
Stephen Demeulenaere is Founder of Complementary Currency Resource Center, fellow at Qoin and Advisory Board Member of the New Money Systems group at the Lifeboat Foundation.
Frankie Bishop is a Crypto Currency expert consultant.
Simon Edhouse’s background spans Advertising, Music, Film and Video Production, High Technology Manufacturing and Software Development.
Tristan Winters is Co Founder of ICE Cubed a South African Exchange (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Rand) and a board member of the Australian Bitcoin Association.
Peter Yeo is the founder of BitcoinMining,SG, one of the first distributors in S.E Asia of Specialized BitCoin mining Equipment.
Sathvik Vishwanth is a bitcoin entrepreneur and is founder of CoinMonk Ventures in India which is aiming to bring bitcoin awareness to common public.
Zain Tariq is an entrepreneur, technologist and is the founder of a bitcoin exchange in Pakistan.
Lee Banfield writes at Weekly Global Research to explore opportunities in business, investing, and cryptocurrencies.
Sandy Peng is CEO of UcanBit Ltd and Member of Culturecom Holdings Limited.
Baz Bazarah is a freelance Bitcoin Consultant currently working at Gigacoin.
Oscar Darmawan is an entrepreneur and Founder of Bitcoin Indonesia.
Robert Armstrong is an entrepreneur and Founder of Strength in Numbers a bitcoin exchange ATMs operator.
Michelle Varron is Vice President for Investor Relations at, the Philippines’ first order book bitcoin exchange.


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