Advisory Boards

Cryptor Trust will be organized in regional investment companies like Latin America, Europe, North America etc. Each with their own Board of Directors and Advisory Board. In this way we have local knowledge about the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Cryptor Trust  is developing a world class think tank with a rich diversity of technologists, AI researchers, crypto experts, educators, futurists, entrepreneurs and other top thinkers to identify powerful trends in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Unlike most organizations, whose advisory boards are too small to do more than provide some advice, our think tank provides action. Our board member candidates have started Bitcoin related companies, done research, donated money, contributed to bitcoin blogs, launched forums,  organized events, and provided input on a range of issues from Bitcoin businesses, to grant proposals to ideas for new areas that Cryptor Trust Inc. should invest in.

We are in the process of launching an Africa corporate entity, Blockchain Investor (Africa) Inc.  It is under establishment and we are in the process of nominating Board of Directors and Advisory Board candidates.

Advisory Board Latin America

Advisory Board Europe

Advisory Board North America

Advisory Board Asia Pacific

Advisory Board Africa

Advisory Board Middle East

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