Why Asia’s Bitcoin Blockchain Industry Will Skyrocket in 2016

The following data compilation gives us an overview on why the bitcoin, blockchain and financial tech industry might have found its innovation sweetest spot in Asia.

[#1] Asia’s wealth creation capacity is on its way Up!:

–> Asia-Pacific is projected to hold one third of global wealth in 2019.


[#2] Population numbers present advantages when compared to other regions:

–> Asia represents 1/2 of the world’s population. Six of the top 10 countries in population size are Asian.


–> Most developing countries in Asia count with a great percentage of young population, seeing their spending waves peaking around the 2060/70s decades.

[#3] Bullish bitcoin adoption and industry development show signs of commitment and growth:

–> China registers 800,000 bitcoin users and concentrates 70% of global bitcoin trading volume

–> China holds 50% of the global mining power

–> 20 bitcoin companies are based in China. Among them, 3 of the world’s largest exchanges.

–> More than 80% of bitcoin transactions take place in Chinese Yuan.

yuan bitcoin

–> Increasing investments in the bitcoin, blockchain & financial technology sectors will accelerate developments in the APAC region. Only in 2015, the  fintech sector received $3.5 billion during the first three trimesters. Some of those companies are actively incorporating bitcoin and/or blockchain technology into their operations.

3.5 billion investment in Asia Fintech Sector

[#4] Governments starting to shape adequate environments while studying/evaluating best approach towards innovation adoption

Singapore prime minister and Chinese authorities have publicly recognized bitcoin and blockchain technology as a new reality and innovation landscape that represents a big opportunity to their country’s future development.

[#5] Internet accessibility still presenting challenges. Nevertheless, largest internet user bases are Asians:

–> Internet regional overview


–> China leads with 667+ million users having access to internet connectivity.

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–> In december 2015, India scaled positions and now has the second largest internet user base. Mobile phones are user’s preferred browsing device.


–> Asia’s internet broadband and mobile speed. Some countries have performed considerable progress, while others are lagging behind.

Asia Internet Speeds
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Asia internet facts
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Maximiliano Garcia
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