Cryptor Trust

Cryptor Trust  is one of the few investment groups in the world to have a formal capital structure based on Bitcoin and hold crypto currencies like Bitcoin as the main asset.

The Crypto Token Economy

When you trade on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform you will need to familiarize yourself with a concept called “wrapped tokens” which are used  to trade ETH, Bitcoin, USD, etc. on decentralized exchanges (DEX), learn more about wrapped tokens  here.

Major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. are listed available through “wrapped tokens” for trading on our Decentralized Exchange (DEX) here. If you are not familiar with using a DEX read our guide here.

Blockchain Investor (BI) – Blockchain Investor Bearer Tokens  – a global investor in the emerging token economy / crypto related assets.

Blockchain Investor Bearer Token, Ticker “BIB”, Tokens issued 150.000.000 BIB tokens, 4 Decimals, Contract BIBToken, under conversion to a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC). Est. equity per token (share) is 0.0000091 Bitcoin. BI’s main assets are Bitcoin as well as a substantial holding of privacy coins. The BIB Token, which is based on the new ERC223 standard works  like a bearer share in practice. The BIB token has technical superiority to most other tokens. Its ERC223 (ERC20 compatible) with half the transaction fee on the Ethereum network. Learn more about the advantages of BIB token and how to add it to your Metamask Wallet here, as well as the technical improvements compared to the old ERC20 standard and what it means here.
You can buy the BIB token on our DEX.
The Investment Group

Cryptor Trust and affiliated companies, an investment group focused exclusively on crypto assets, like crypto currencies, and the new tokens economy. From now on called Cryptor Trust.

Shaping Crypto Evolution

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